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A well-designed website can help you attract new customers, develop stronger relationships with existing customers, even sell products.

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Professional websites

Compared to traditional print, radio and television media, the cost of producing and maintaining a website is very low.

At its simplest, an interactive brochure about your company.It can include text, images, sound and movies. You can link to e-mail and on-line forms allowing potential customers to contact you directly from your site.

You can even set up a secure credit-card based ordering system and let your website do all your advertising, selling and order processing for you.

ICG can design your website to reflect the internet presence you feel is right for your company. As your company's internet presence grows, so can your website.

Online services

You will want to browse your own website and those of your competitors. This means you need an Internet Service Provider (ISP).

You also need a host for your website — think of it as a hard disk ("server") permanently connected to the internet so that anybody can access its contents at any time. Of course, only you can make changes.

You may also decide to run a web-based intranet or extranet.

Let ICG help you with all these facilities as part of a complete internet solution for your organisation.