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Modern business depends on the fast, accurate and reliable flow of information.

While the internet opens up business communication on a global level, you also need to think about your own internal data sharing capabilities.

You may not have a network, or your network may not be working at peak efficiency.

ICG is expert at network infrastructure, hardware, software and support.

We can help you make informed choices about your network — cutting through the jargon to determine which parts of the network really need to be upgraded and which don't.

Having ICG look at how you use your network will show you problems you've lived with, not knowing they could be solved usually at minimal cost.

You may be surprised at how your network leaps into life with just a few simple adjustments.

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Structured cabling

Structured cabling is at the heart of business communication.

To be certain that your network will perform reliably and to maximum capacity throughout its working life, this is one area in which you can�t afford to compromise.

Once it�s in place, you need to be sure that your infrastructure will always be up to the job, no matter how your organisation changes and how much traffic your network is required to handle.

Our industry-accredited experts will work with you to determine the best topology and network design to suit your hardware and the layout of your offices.

Our assessment team will make sure you can continue to get the most from your existing hardware.

We will install the infrastructure at a time which will suit you and cause your organisation the minimum of disruption.

We will then test every part of the installation to ensure it meets performance criteria and provide you with full documentation and training.

We are able to supply and install most leading brands of cable and fibre, allowing us to upgrade your existing network with the same brand.


With ICG, your network can be the heart of an integrated communications system.

We are experts in providing intranet, extranet, WAN (Wide Area Network), e-mail, messaging and internet systems for complete internal and external communications throughout your organisation and beyond.

With CTI, your network is integrated with your telephone system so that you can see on screen who's calling you — with all their details and order status — before you pick up the phone.

Simply greeting your contacts by name is priceless in terms of building customer relationships.

Data, voice or video conferencing across the internal network, WAN or internet allows your users to operate as a team, whatever their location, working together toward a common goal.

We will work with you to determine the best communications infrastructure for your needs, source and install it and train your system managers and users.