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One of the hardest parts of managing an organisation is keeping an eye on its activities.

Without instant, up-to-date reporting on your desk, how can you make informed decisions?

ICS, the software development division of ICG, has created a series of management software tools to enable you to do just this, placing all the information you need on your computer screen.

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ICS Software Licences

To many organisations, using unlicensed or pirate software is just something you do.

It's not considered illegal and there's no likelihood of being caught, so you feel you can get away with it.

Wrong. Using unlicensed software is a criminal act. You're stealing.

Protect yourself, your network and your business with ICS Software Licences.

ICS Vehicles

If you run a business fleet, you need to run ICS Vehicles.

Your fleet isn't just an asset, it's a considerable expense which needs to be managed effectively or it can drain your business of resources.

But do you know which vehicles are performing for you, and which are merely costing you money?

ICS Vehicles is a complete professional vehicle reporting system which puts all the information you need to run a cost-effective and efficient business fleet at your fingertips.