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It is essential to today's organisations to use the right software for the job.

Despite all the choice on the market — and the internet increasing your options still further — you may not be using the software best suited for your needs.

This is where ICG come in.

As suppliers of software solutions from some of the world's most respected software houses, we can advise you on sourcing the correct package, install it throughout your organisation and provide expert training to all your users.

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Customer relationship management

As your company grows, so will your information and the demands placed upon the people who use that information.

Choosing the right customer relationship management (CRM) system for your company is a big decision. Good CRM software works the way you work, not vice versa.

It will evolve and adapt as your business grows, matching the way your business operates. It changes, so you don�t have to.

CRM software will generate more contact records for your sales team, more support calls for your engineering staff, more accounts data to process more efficiently.

In the busy world of today�s commerce, all this information needs to be at your fingertips now — at the moment a customer phones in for a quote, to request support, to query an invoice.

Enterprise resource planning

As a Sage development centre and business partner, ICG is able to offer its customers the complete range of accounting and ERP solutions available.

From initial consultation on the package to best suit your business, through the planning and implementation stages to final installation and user training, updating your accounts suite has never been easier.

The Sage solutions suit businesses of all sizes from sole traders, partnerships and SMEs through to enterprise resource planning solutions for mid-sized organisations and corporates in all industry sectors, including manufacturing and distribution.

If you have any software requirement not covered here, please don't hesitate to contact us. We'll be happy to talk you through the options and prepare a fully costed no-obligation quote.