Web design

Creating your corporate image on the internet.

ICG's web design services

ICG can help businesses seeking to create their first web site, perform a major web site upgrade or completely replace their current site.

Standard sites, those using interactive pages with animations, mouse events, frames, Java, graphical images or even fully functional e-business solutions are available.

The website you choose needs to be right for your needs. ICG will ensure you are involved in every stage of the design process from initial consultation to final proofs.

ICG will work with you on the site architecture, ensuring that your company is presented in a way which advertises your products or services to their best advantage.

Once a design choice has been made, ICG will create and host your web site as well as performing regular updates to include your latest products and services.

We will need from you a company logo, images and other materials you would like included, plus a final copy of all text.

ICG can source low-cost stock photography or create custom images where required.


ICG can incorporate audio and video into your website in a variety of file formats.

In most cases we can work with your existing audio or video, turning it into a web-compatible format and placing it on your page as required.

Macromedia Flash is a graphics format used to create images, animations, movies and screen savers.

It is also very popular on the internet since it is vector-based and streaming, hence very quick to load.

Flash can be used to create everything from pre-load movies to complete, highly sophisticated sites where the Flash movie is used as the entire graphical basis of the site, handling all user interactivity (search engines, links to databases, e-commerce, etc).


Your web site is not just a flat brochure of products and services. It allows sophisticated interaction with your visitors, meaning that they are more likely to linger.

A search facility in your site will greatly increase user functionality particularly if you sell a large range of products or services.

When navigating a list of products or services, you may prefer a "lookup" which can be as simple as a drop-down menu of options each leading to a different page, or as sophisticated as a site which will pull information in from a database based on the lookup or query the visitor enters.

Since it is easier to update and post a database to your site than to republish every page whenever something changes (for example a yearly price increase), sites organised around databases are highly recommended, especially when you intend to use your site — now or some time in the future — for e-business.

You may decide to reserve an area of your site for people who have received a password, either sent by you prior to their visit or by on-line registration.

A password-protected area could be used for special downloads or offers or to store corporate-sensitive information (for example information accessable only to your field staff, or your distributors).

Many sites provide download areas allowing the visitor to pick up everything from a product specification sheet (PDF format) or presentation file to a demo program or an updated patch or driver.

ICG will help you determine how best to organise your download area and which file formats are best.

For further information, please call ICG on 0870 871 2606 or email sales@icguk.biz.