ICS Vehicles

Professional vehicle management software.

Why choose ICS Vehicles?

ICS Vehicles offers your business the ability to maintain a full vehicle inventory with relevant operating data.

It is easy to determine which vehicle has the best repair record and how much each cost centre is spending on maintenance.

ICS Vehicles enables you to view the MOT history of your entire fleet instantly — with certificate numbers, tester's name, expire dates and MOT issues dates.

By clearly highlighting MOT due dates, you can ensure that none of your fleet are unintentionally driving without the correct legal documents.

Core components

The core components of ICS Vehicles are vehicle, driver and accident information.

Your business can keep a detailed record of your entire fleet with instant access available to your key personnel on vehicle registration number, make, model, colour, body style, vehicle identification number, engine number, together with a security log detailing alarm and radio codes.

Parts inventory, vehicle service data and garage, driver and fuel card details are held against each specific vehicle record.

Financial reporting

With ICS Vehicles you can make informed operating cost comparisons, plan replacement schedules and work out indicative miles per gallon/kilometre (MPG/Km).

If you need detailed financial analyses of your company´┐Żs fleet and you are required to perform these tasks using minimal time and staff resources, ICS Vehicles is the idea solution, with all the functionality necessary to maintain a car, van, truck or lorry fleet of any size.

For further information, please call ICG on 0870 871 2602 or email sales@icguk.biz.