ICS Software Licences

Professional software licence auditing.

Why worry about unlicensed software?

With all the other administrative demands on your business, keeping track of your software seems like the least of your worries.

But if you're caught with unlicensed software on your computer system, you could expect a crippling fine and up to two years in prison.

There are incentives of up to �10,000 for your employees to inform on you.

All it takes it one telephone call and you could receive a visit, without warning and with the full support of the law.

There are no mitigating circumstances. Ignorance of the law is not a permissible defence.

If just one person in your organisation has an unlicensed copy of a software title on their machine, you, as director, are held to be personally responsible. It's you who could face the prison term, not them.

And these aren't just empty threats. Actions do happen, hundreds every year.

The software companies, the Business Software Alliance and the Federation Against Software Theft are actively engaged in tracking down offenders. Companies are raided. Directors are prosecuted.

The next one might be you.

Get protected with ICS Software Licences

ICS Software Licences enables you to build and maintain a complete, up-to-date audit of your licence holding.

No matter how large your organisation or how widely distributed your hardware, ICS Software Licences will ensure you always know exactly what's installed and where. You'll be able to tell at a glance what software you own — and what software you don't.

It's quick and easy to maintain. You can make it part of your normal office housekeeping. A simple drag-and-drop system allows you to move software or licences from location to location at the click of a mouse.

There's no limit to the number of different software titles and installations you can add to the system and you can call up more than one separate database.

A sophisticated reporting facility allows you to view and print a number of management and executive reports or export the results to a text file or to a formatted Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

FREE download

For details and to download a free fully working 30-day trial, visit www.softwarelicences.co.uk.

More than just protection

Maintaining an accurate audit of your organisation's software to avoid prosecution is a compelling enough reason to use ICS Software Licences. But the software is capable of much, much more.

By knowing exactly what's installed throughout your system, you can make sure all your employees are using the same version of the software, eliminating the problems of incompatible data formats.

With a complete software inventory at your fingertips, you'll be able to target software or hardware upgrades to the people who really need them.

Knowing what's installed on every machine, you'll be able to get the employee up and running again with minimal fuss and delay if their machine is put out of action by virus attack, hard disk failure or damage.

With a central database of the software versions on each machine, your internal help desk staff will be able to deal with problems as they're phoned in, without having to make the journey to the affected machine to see what's on it.

Knowing what all their colleagues are using, you'll be able to install all the software a new member of staff will need.

ICS Software Licences is the complete solution to software management and an invaluable tool on your desk.

For further information, please call ICG on 0870 871 2602 or email sales@icguk.biz.