Hardware support

Fast, professional support for hardware installation and upgrades.

Commissioning and installation

If you are buying new equipment, changing location or setting up a new branch office, ICG can help.

Customers turn to us for commissioning, delivery, installation and configuration regardless of the size or complexity of the project.

We will work with you to source the best equipment for your needs; we can also help relocate your existing equipment and ensure that new equipment is fully integrated with your existing hardware.

Our customers often choose to have their new IT equipment delivered direct to ICG rather than to their own site.

This enables us to run up the equipment, run tests and checks, install any software required, add additional peripherals such as hard disks, DVDs or memory cards, set up shortcuts and data requirements, configure the system and do additional extensive virus and hardware fault testing.

Once completed, the equipment is repackaged and taken to your site and installed by one of our field service technicians. Here it undergoes a final round of configuration and testing and the personnel you choose will be trained in how to make the most of the new system.

ICG is often involved in special customisation projects. An example of this is adding tethering bracketry to IT equipment to prevent theft. Please talk to us about your own requirements.

Equipment relocation

Most conventional removal companies do not have the expertise to move technical or computer related equipment.

Many will not touch IT equipment at all.

ICG's relocation services ensure that your relocation is handled smoothly, efficiently and without damaging your valuable equipment.

When your users arrive at the new office, all their equipment will be waiting, ready for them to start working from the moment they sit down.

Technology upgrades

You may have considered buying new equipment but been dissuaded by the price.

In many cases, upgrading is a more cost-effective solution.

ICG will help you find the best way to get the performance you want without stretching your budget.

Regardless of the age of the computer, it is almost always possible to dramatically increase productivity by upgrading one or two components.

It is certainly far cheaper to upgrade your existing machine than to buy a new PC.

You may be dissatisfied with the performance of your existing PC but not know what you can do to improve matters.

ICG will talk you through the options and give unbiased professional advice.

If you go ahead with an upgrade, an ICG engineer will install and configure all the new components and ensure that your PC is working to its optimum level.

For further information, please call ICG on 0870 871 2602 or email sales@icguk.biz.