Software support

Professional software support on tap.

Desktop and client/server support

The support packages from ICG offer businesses of all sizes the opportunity to benefit from the experience of our industry qualified experts.

Client requests range from support of the standard Microsoft desktop Windows applications such as Word, Excel, Outlook through to the more complex and wide-ranging operating systems used to run networks.

ICG offers larger organisations the ability to enhance their own IT department´┐Żs experience with additional expertise as a form of query escalation from their own help desk.

Client/server on-site support

For more complex software support requirements, typically for larger companies with a more complex IT infrastructure, ICG will provide on-site engineering resources to assist your organisation with the day-to-day running of both your desktop and operating software systems.

Our engineers will also provide support for SQL based applications installed by ICG.

Client/server remote support

Larger corporations and public sector bodies find it beneficial to cover the software packages they rely on most under a remote software support contract which allows ICG to dial into their network from a secure remote location.

A software expert will be able to look closely at the application concerned and fix or amend the package accordingly to meet your requirements.

The clear advantage of this service is the timescale in which issues can be addressed.

Remote diagnostics and fault finds can be achieved very quickly via this method of software support making this service level ideal for business-critical applications.

For further information, please call ICG on 0870 871 2602 or email