Project management

Assisting you in your IT projects.

ICG project management services

As organisations expand, the resources normally used for project management often get absorbed into more pressing company business.

ICG knows that the adoption of new IT equipment can be highly time consuming for business, often involving more downtime than uptime and generally slowing the business process.

With this in mind, ICG has generated a series of management services to make your IT projects easier to manage and to make equipment roll-outs fast and effective.

ICG offers businesses undertaking new IT equipment the opportunity to keep within project deadlines and — sometimes more importantly — within project budgets.

With ICG project management, your organisation will benefit from an experienced project manager able to guide your project through the initial planning stages to a successful completion.

Equipment installations

The project management division can assist your business with cabling installation and additions, networking changes, upgrades, relocation, and disaster recovery and fulfil hardware and software requirements.

By providing professional project management skills, and by understanding the specific needs and requirements of your business, ICG can help ensure your new it equipment installations are a complete success.

This leaves you free to focus your time more effectively.

By utilising the services of a professional project management division, your organisation will benefit from experienced advisors and technicians able to deliver your IT project on time and with specific budget restrictions.

Project consultation

ICG�s project management provides your organisation with a complete service from project consultation and planning to launch and management.

Experienced advisors will visit your organisation and discuss your project requirements including budget restrictions, timescales and benefits to your business.

By discussing the project in detail, ICG is able to develop a strategic plan which will afford your business a clear and concise plan to roll-out your project.

By managing each stage of the project ICG can assist with the hardware, software, networking and user requirements which are required to successfully complete your project.

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