Easy-to-use customer relationship management software.

Why choose ACT!?

ACT! is one of the easiest CRM packages available.

You don't need to spend time learning a new system. Just start typing and you're up and running.

The graphical navigation bar makes it quick and easy to view your data while 70 pre-defined fields and unlimited custom fields enable you to track vital contact information.

Find anyone or any detail using simple keyword searches or use sophisticated "lookup" searches when you need more detail, then view a contact's website with a single click.

You can add new entries to drop-down lists in your most commonly used fields automatically, allowing for faster, more accurate data entry.

Automate the scheduling of frequently occurring multi-step processes. Automatically dial a contact directly from your database.

Use built-in templates to instantly write letters, e-mails, memos, and faxes to one person or mail merge to hundreds.

Know your contact details

ACT! allows you to create and send e-mail messages and keep a history right in each contact record so you know what you sent and what you received.

ACT! holds a history of every conversation and completed activity so everyone knows who said what and when it was said.

With ACT! you can instantly recall meeting notes for every contact, attach any file (price lists, memos, letters, and so on) to any contact record, see where your relationship with your client stands today, no matter how many of your people are involved, and access client websites with just one click or send a quick e-mail.

ACT! enables you to manage groups of contacts by interest, company, account, project, and more, and track all activities and history by both individual contact and by group.

You can create subgroups based on organization structure, location, function, or any way you choose and add fields in your contact or group view that are company-or group-specific.

ACT! helps you to schedule meetings, phone calls, and tasks with your contacts and set alarms so you'll never forget.

You can choose from a daily, weekly, or monthly calendar to manage every day more efficiently.

ACT! lets you pre-define a commonly occurring series of activities and in one click schedule them with your contacts.

Calendars and address books can be printed out easily to take with you, wherever you go.

Manage the sales process

Meet your goals with confidence when you forecast each and every business opportunity.

Choose one of the pre-formatted reports, or create your own to analyse sales results.

Track opportunities through the sales cycle with the graphical sales funnel or tap into built-in sales tips and expertise offered by Dale Carnegie Training to help you close more sales.

ACT! enables you to create and print a sales graph at the touch of a button, showing your open, won, or lost sales for any timeframe you choose.

Use the "profile" tab to bring up real-time information about your contacts. Receive news and stock quotes about your contact from within your ACT! window.

You can even get driving directions to your contacts office or the weather in their region.

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