The complete range of Enterprise Resource Planning software for business.

Sage Line 50

Sage Line 50 is the UK's best-selling accounting software.

Aimed at companies with up to 50 employees and a turnover of up to �2 million, it speeds up procedures through simplifying complex accounting tasks and ending repetitive routines.

With four accounting solutions to choose from — Accountant, Accountant Plus, Financial Controller and Financial Controller Network — Sage Line 50 will make a dramatic difference to your business.

Easy to set up and operate, Sage Line 50 is based on familiar procedures used in manual accounting.

On-screen prompts are included to let you create, file, access and update all your financial information.

To enable you to access and analyse your accounting data quickly and easily, two management information tools, Sage Forecasting and Sage Informer 50, have been included free of charge.

Line 50's web-enabled features complement this versatility and integration.

You can prepare your business for the future with confidence, using a host of flexible e-business facilities including e-banking and e-order processing.

Sage Line 50 offers small to medium-sized businesses convenience, flexibility, simplicity and value for money.

Sage Line 100

Sage Line 100 is more than just accounting software — it's a complete business information system.

Sage Line 100 is a tailored management information solution, custom-built, at a cost effective price.

The suite comprises 15 separate business and accounting modules, the heart of which is the Sage Line 100 System Manager.

Each of these modules can be bought separately, but together they build the most powerful and flexible PC based accounting system on the market.

Sage Line 100 systems can be customised to suit the individual needs of your company however unusual the requirements.

You can create seamless links between your accounts' data and other business software to manipulate statistics, create management reports, and produce effective targeted mailings.

With the Windows Report Writer, for example, anyone within your company can create comprehensive reports quickly and easily.

Above all, Sage Line 100 is a powerful and flexible business solution, that takes even the most demanding accounting requirements in its stride.

Sage Line 200

Sage Line 200 is a fully web enabled and integrated solution for small to medium sized organisations.

Based on the Windows NT operating system Sage Line 200 offers a range of financial, distribution and assemble/build to order modules to enable an organisation to gain complete control and share information across the business.

The Sage Line 200 package is scalable to meet the needs of your growing business and will provide a rapid return on investment from fast implementation and ease of configuration.

Sage Line 200 offers easy and effective integration with web technology via the Web Enterprise suite of products.

For companies who recognise the businesses potential of the internet, Sage Line 200 provides a total solution with a robust and seamless link between web transactions and the back office systems.

Line 200 delivers a real-time means of transacting and creating value by connecting buyers with suppliers quickly and efficiently, as well as providing a low cost access solution for remote employees.

External attachments such as spreadsheets, documents and web page addresses can be recorded against customers, suppliers and individual transactions allowing Line 200 to become a central well-organised information repository.

With real time financial information from Sage Line 200 it is possible to manage your finances proactively.

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