Professional customer relationship management software.

Why choose SalesLogix?

SalesLogix is the complete customer relationship management solution.

Whatever the size of your business, from a single user working at home to a multi-national corporation, SalesLogix will manage your customers and their needs for life.

By automating all your sales leads, prospects, customers and clients you will increase your sales.

The package includes customer history, contact dates, responses to marketing campaigns — everything required for a complete integrated sales process.

Built-in word processing, merging, e-mailing, faxing and scripting facilities allow users to spend their time actively canvassing for business and not opening and closing separate software packages.

SalesLogix makes your telesales personnel more productive than ever, looking up customer information will take just seconds.

Not only that, your telesales executives will work through an entire customer or prospect list with extraordinary efficiency.

Manage your sales opportunities

With SalesLogix, you can easily manage multiple accounts and opportunities.

Automatically distribute leads to sales professionals around the world, then let integrated sales processes guide you through proven selling methods.

You can create custom processes that automatically trigger literature fulfilment, follow-up calls, and daily tasks.

The SalesLogix calendar even lets you access schedules and assign activities for your entire sales team.

With CTI, you can integrate your phone system with your customer and prospect information.

Everything you know about the first person on your list pops up on your screen and the system automatically dials their number.

If your colleagues are unexpectedly out of the office, you can use the graphical calendar built into SalesLogix to view their phone calls, to-dos, tasks and meetings to be done that day.

A concise telemarketing script prompts executives to ask the right questions.

Possible responses automatically pop up with features, add-ons and alternative products highlighted.

As speakers work their way through the script using a simple point and click method, they can actively keep the person at the end of the phone involved in the entire buying decision.

SalesLogix for Marketing

SalesLogix for Marketing allows you to track your marketing programs so you can easily measure what works and make corrections to what doesn�t.

SalesLogix will allow you to segment your audience by meaningful profiles that will help you refine your marketing message.

When you actually run your campaign, SalesLogix will track the responses and automatically send literature to all enquiries.

Best of all, your marketing team will then be able to present to your MD all the sales generated by the thousands of pounds spent on a campaign.

SalesLogix will allow you to set up a series of business rules directing leads immediately through from your marketing department to the correct sales person. Leads will be assigned automatically as they are generated.

Remote field sales staff can use the system off line, synchronising their amended records with the network.

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