Sage Enterprise

Industry-leading web-enabled ERP software for business.

Why choose Sage Enterprise?

Sage Enterprise is a web-enabled financial, distribution and manufacturing system designed for mid range and larger organisations.

For companies in manufacturing, distribution and business services sectors, Sage Enterprise provides a huge range of options, enabling your system to expand as your business needs change and develop.

These options are available as discrete modules, allowing you to tailor the package to your exact needs.

Sage Enterprise offers effective integration with web technology via the Sage Web Enterprise suite of products.

It operates with Microsoft and IBM e-business technologies and can enable your business to be online in weeks.

Sage Enterprise, together with Sage Web Enterprise provides a total web enabled solution with a robust and seamless link between web transactions and the back office systems.

With Web Sales, a company will benefit from a real-time means of transacting and creating value by connecting buyers with suppliers quickly and efficiently.

Web Sales provides an online, integrated web store that allows your customers to order goods and services anytime of the day or night.

Web Sales provides tight integration between Enterprise and the e-business web site.

This means that customers can use the internet to dynamically browse product information, gain access to customer and product inventory information and create and track orders.

Sage Enterprise for Finance

Target customer service levels, economies of scale and overall financial commitment are all factors that need to be built in to an efficient purchasing strategy.

Sage Enterprise Purchase Requisitioning provides comprehensive financial control with configurable authorisation workflows.

Costs are minimised by consolidating multiple requisitions for the same supplier into a single purchase order, ensuring that an efficiently managed centralised purchasing operation can be supported.

Financial purchase commitment is tracked through to the General Ledger with real-time budget consumption built into the requisition authorisation process.

Sage Enterprise provides immediate visibility of the whole company at all levels. Using extensive drill around facilities, access is available to all information from the final consolidation through to the source transaction.

Reports and enquiries are available on-line and data can be interrogated in multiple dimensions, providing all the information required to run the business both at summary and detail level.

Accurate and timely sales information is crucial not only for the measurement of overall revenue and costs of sales but also for evaluating market trends.

By analysing sales by product, market sector and geographic location, organisations can gain a clear picture of both product and account profitability.

Scalability and control

Sage Enterprise can be configured to meet the needs of a growing organisation, with clear and concise screen and menu structures that can be easily tailored to meet the needs of each individual.

Sage Enterprise delivers sophisticated control for those organisations that need to manage and account for their businesses on a project basis.

The Enterprise project control system delivers both functional and cost centre based analysis, derived from a single set of source transactions.

Sage Enterprise Distribution provides the necessary integrated processes and information flows to enable delivery of high levels of customer service, maximising customer retention and helping build market share.

Sage Enterprise Inventory Management provides real time multi-site views of current and expected stock.

Combining this with features such as Perpetual Inventory, location management, stock rotation, obsolescence and quality control, enables organisations to have real confidence in the execution of their stock management strategies.

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