Sophisticated CRM software for small businesses.

Why choose GoldMine?

GoldMine is a family of robust CRM solutions specifically designed for professionals and small organisations.

GoldMine allows you to enhance communication with prospects and customers, automate marketing and lead follow-up processes, access critical information and streamline customer service and support procedures.

GoldMine provides powerful contact management, sales automation, e-mail and document management and scheduling for small offices, home offices and small businesses.

With GoldMine, you will increase sales thanks to powerful CRM functions. Easy access to history and other account details puts the big picture on your small screen. You will be able to find the data you need fast.

Sales forecasting offers a complete, uncomplicated view of your potential sales, helping you identify hot prospects quickly.

Organised, highly detailed contact management and tracking helps you to shorten your sales cycle, using the information for targeted follow-ups.

GoldMine FrontOffice

GoldMine FrontOffice is a fully integrated CRM solution that enables sales, marketing, service, and support teams to seamlessly share information for first-class lead management and customer care.

Both Sales and Marketing and Service and Support components can be licensed separately to address specific needs or as one suite to provide a total CRM solution.

GoldMine Sales and Marketing offers a solid core of account/contact management and sales force and marketing automation.

GoldMine also offers standard contact management functions from scheduling, e-mail and print/fax merging to customisable fields and screens.

GoldMine Management Intelligence provides easy reporting on database information while flexible license configuration and client/server database support complete the only easy-to-use and affordable sales and marketing automation tool for small to medium-sized businesses.

GoldMine Service and Support brings the call management functionality of more complex enterprise systems into an easy-to-use application, at a fraction of the cost.

GoldMine includes a broad range of easy-to-use, wizard-driven functionality that provides the power to successfully manage a support centre.

GoldMine Management Intelligence

GoldMine Management Intelligence provides managers with the ability to easily monitor current business conditions.

Managers can create automatic responses that solve problems or that proactively work to keep situations under control.

Management Intelligence incorporates GoldMine's Answer Wizard and Manager's Console.

The Answer Wizard provides a list of reports in a "question tree" format that allows the user to select a report that will best provide the information they need.

GoldMine's Answer Wizard will also suggest related questions that will provide a more complete picture.

GoldMine's Manager's Console displays the status of key business metrics in the Sales and Marketing or Service and Support environments.

Managers can monitor call volumes, sales quotas, open support issues or any other vital activities within their departments.

If pre-determined thresholds are exceeded, the Manager's Console will respond automatically by alerting supervisors or scheduling activities to the appropriate staff to quickly resolve any problems.

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