Backup solutions

Guarding your business information against the unexpected.

ICG's backup services

You would never consider operating your business without insurance to protect it in the event of a fire or flood. But have you protected your data in the same way?

Data is your most valuable asset and it can be lost in less than a second.

Accidental deletion, electrical surges and hardware failure — as well as virus infestation — are all regular occurrences and can cause your data to be erased forever.

All companies that use computers should have data storage, archiving and back up facilities to protect the data should a disaster occur.

ICG can assess your needs and advise you on the best on-site or off-site backup solution including which backup software to choose.

An ICG technical expert will install the software and demonstrate how to use it.

ICG can also provide software which will allow you to backup open files such as mail servers.

Lost data can be a great expense. If you follow a strict backup routine it will save you time and money in the future — so protect your data now!

What backup routine should I use?

Various types of backup device are available — including Digital Audio Tape (DAT), Digital Linear Tape (DLT), optical disks, even rewritable CDs, Zip or Jazz disks — the differences being essentially the speed and amount of data that can be stored on each kind.

These range from small removable disks capable of storing less than a hundred megabytes to tapes capable of storing many gigabytes of data, enough for a large or expanding business.

You should backup your business-critical data at least once every working day as part of a rigorously-followed routine.

You should ensure you save a full system backup and keep it safe after each major event such as a year end.

All backup disks or tapes should be stored somewhere safe such as a fireproof box or ideally taken off-site overnight. Assign a member of staff to do this.

What other protection do I need?

Though the UK prides itself on a stable, reliable mains electricity supply, power cuts and fluctuations happen daily.

Protect your data by using a UPS (uninterrupted power supply) on both your network server, if you have one, and any other computer or piece of electronic equipment vital to your organisation's day-to-day operation.

A UPS will regulate your power supply by smoothing out mains fluctuations, protecting your equipment from damaging spikes and surges, and the built-in battery, constantly kept charged by the mains, will kick in instantly the power dies, maintaining your computer system during a power cut while you complete your processing and save your data.

ICG are suppliers and installers of UPCs to suit all business and personal needs at low cost.

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