ICG's cabling services

The complete network design, installation and management resource.

ICG's cabling services

ICG can provide a complete solution to all your networking needs, from adding a single user to relocating or wiring an extensive office complex.

We are industry experts able to advise and recommend high benefit, low risk technology solutions that will expand seamlessly as your organisation develops.

Our consultation, site survey and auditing services are completely free and without obligation.

Since we are able to recommend, source, install, configure, manage and support all aspects of data or voice networking, your organisation can be confident that everything will function perfectly throughout its working life — leaving you to concentrate on building your business.

We can only offer this since our engineers are accredited experts in all aspects of IT implementation.

ICG has carried out installations of structured cabling infrastructure across the UK for a wide range of organisations from small business and healthcare practices to large public sector authorities and multi-nationals.

Our experience spans the entire industry including UTP and ScTP, IBM Cabling System, coaxial, twinaxial and optical fibre for use with all types of voice and data networks.

Every installation we perform, no matter how small, is backed up by thorough quality testing and certification and fully documented for your records.

Network planning

When choosing a network infrastructure, you need to consider not just your current needs but the future expansion of your organisation.

Whereas your workstations and other peripherals have a working life of only three or four years, cabling is an investment which may be expected to last for 20 years — once installed, it is not easy to replace it.

ICG will help you look at the long-term picture, ensuring that your network is one of the strongest building-blocks of your organisation.

We will look carefully with you at the reasons for the new network and what specific business aims you have in mind. Then we will ensure that the network will match these aims and be robust and flexible enough to cope with anything the future can throw at it.

Network designing

As network experts, ICG will assess your existing architecture and show you how to make the most cost-effective use of what you already have without storing up problems for yourself in the future.

ICG will design your network to match your organisation's current and future needs ensuring that the whole network functions reliably, to the peak of efficiently and with maximum transparency to the user.

This design involves not only determining the most appropriate cabling system, but also the optimum number and layout of servers and workstations, hubs, routers, bridges and other hardware, the network operating system, backup, virus protection, security and fault monitoring systems.

We will assess the software you are currently running, and tailor the design to support this software or allow expansion as the technology and software improve.

For further information, please call ICG on 0870 871 2602 or email sales@icguk.biz.