Computer telephony integration

Integrating the telephone into your data network.

What is CTI?

For many years the computer industry has been developing a system of integrating data and telephone lines and using computer intelligence with the standard telephone system.

This has now been achieved. CTI is used in many different applications from call centres to voice mail, touch tone information, help desks and video conferencing.

The technology was initially used by large corporate organisations such as banks and insurance companies; recent developments offer small and medium sized organisations the opportunity of installing these systems at low cost.

CTI enables you to automate your offices, make your business more efficient, provide better customer service and increase staff productivity.

By working with the world's leading manufacturers of CTI, ICG can offer customers the best solution for their organisation.

The Benefits of CTI

Display customer account details before call centre personnel answer the phone.

It can automatically route calls through to the right department or person without the need for a receptionist.

Script assisted applications provide a detailed answer message for incoming calls — for example �Thank you for calling our brochure request line, please leave your details� — this will improve productivity as vital telephone time is not spent taking messages.

It will provide 24-hour access to your company.

Power dialling will make calls automatically for your telesales staff.

Remote site connectivity

When you want to integrate telecommunications services with your data network, you only need to make one call for both networking hardware and BT service installation.

ICG will help you design a complete packaged solution that provides everything from internet connectivity to leased line connections between sites.

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