Installation and testing

Implementing and verifying your structured cabling installation.


Whatever the size of your cabling requirement, ICG will deliver it on schedule and with the minimum of disruption to your organisation.

After the preparatory site visit or survey, we will draw up an accurate costing based on the infrastructure to be installed and discuss with you the most convenient day and time — often out of hours — that the installation can be implemented.

Our installations are carried out by highly qualified cabling experts trained and certified by the industry leaders. We operate under strict quality standards and comply to all health and safety regulations.

If installation is likely to involve noisy work such as drilling, we will ensure you are informed and work with you to keep disruption to an absolute minimum. We will leave your premises in as tidy and clean a state as when we arrived.


As we install the network infrastructure, we will test every part of it to ensure that it is working above and beyond the agreed specifications.

Once installation is complete, we will test the entire network to be absolutely certain all the installation criteria have been passed and document the results for your records.

We will also provide you with detailed, accurate plans of the network infrastructure and ensure your staff are fully trained.

Our infrastructure comes with a comprehensive warranty guaranteeing continued reliability throughout the working life of the equipment — twenty years or more.

Performance monitoring

After installation and testing, your network still requires performance monitoring to ensure it remains at the peak of efficiency.

All networks slowly drop in efficiency with time. As staff increase, more workstations and peripherals are added and the servers begin to fill with data.

ICG provides regular network performance monitoring. We are able to alert you to possible problems before they happen and to pro-actively ensure the integrity and reliability of the network.

In this way, your organisation can be certain that your network will not fail you, no matter how heavy the demands placed upon it.

We will agree with you the frequency of the performance monitoring which we are normally able to carry out by remote dial-up into your system from a secure connection in our workshop — with absolutely no disruption to your organisation.

We will then pass all our results on to you. Where a potential problem is encountered, we will discuss with you ways in which the problem can be resolved.

For further information, please call ICG on 0870 871 2602 or email