Hardware and software

Managing your network resource effectively and at minimal cost.

ICG hardware and software services

Your network needs to grow with your organisation. ICG is able to recommend and source all the hardware and software you need.

As equipment is introduced or upgraded, we will work with you to ensure it is targeted at the users who really need it.

Equipment which has been replaced may still form a useful part of your network infrastructure. We will show you how to make the most of your existing investment including upgrading wherever possible.

We can help you keep your software current for all users, installing it and training your staff at your convenience.

What's more, we can ensure that your system is always kept up to date with the latest software patches and upgrades — installed automatically by remote link as and when they are released, with your full liaison.

By maintaining accurate records of your hardware and software, we can help manage your asset including stock control, security tagging, new software roll-out and licensing.

Resource management

ICG can help you manage your resources to their maximum benefit.

When expanding or implementing a new network, ICG can help you to organise the distribution of all resources including workstations, printers, modems, scanners and other peripherals.

By careful auditing, you will be able to see how best to target your resources at your most needy users while cascading existing equipment to other users.

We can show you which resources need to be upgraded, and which can be redistributed effectively at minimum cost.

Hardware and software audits

Do you know exactly what hardware and software your organisation owns?

Do you know what is on every computer — whether all your software is legal and registered?

Could you tell at a glance if a user has installed a program without permission?

Are you sure your best-spec machines have been allocated to your most power-hungry users?

If your premises burned down, would you know exactly what is needed to replace all your IT equipment?

Your organisation probably doesn't have the resources to create and maintain these up-to-date hardware and software reports.

This is where ICG can help. An ICG site audit will equip your business with a comprehensive report of all your current IT assets.

ICG will provide you with a unique, detailed inventory of your company's hardware and software, invaluable when planning future hardware solutions, insurance requirements and compiling balance sheet asset information.

For further information, please call ICG on 0870 871 2602 or email sales@icguk.biz.