Site survey and costing

Ensuring an accurate quote for the work you need done.


Your investment needs to pay for itself in terms of productivity but also deliver the advantages of the new technology.

ICG will discuss with you the business benefits of the different kinds of network technology available to you and the possible risks associated with these technologies.

We will ensure that the network you choose to install will provide a long-term viable solution to your organisation's needs.

We will show you how your network will deliver the results you want while safe-guarding your data and productivity.

ICG will help you to draw up a full network costing plan to enable you to be sure that there are no hidden costs in the future.

We will look closely at your existing infrastructure, if you have one, and determine how we can best design your network to bring it well within budget.

We will also look at potential savings throughout the design and implementation process while not compromising the quality of the network or its potential future expansion.

Existing network audit

If you have an existing network infrastructure, you may be able to incorporate part or all of that network into the new design.

ICG can perform a complete, detailed audit of your existing network as part of the design process. We will determine the topology of the network and the software and hardware involved.

We will then be able to show you which parts of your network can be retained, and which will need to be replaced or upgraded.

In this way, we will be able to show you how your investment can be targeted at the parts of the network which really do need to upgrade while keeping as much of your original infrastructure as is viable.

An audit will also high-light any other potential problems which had not previously been factored into the equation — for example the necessity for firewalls, virus protection, improved backup systems or software licences.

Site survey

Whether you are adding to an existing network or creating a new network from scratch, the most important consideration is the layout of your office space.

In order to ensure that installation is quick and trouble-free, a site survey is always recommended. This will enable ICG to produce an accurate quote and to identity problem areas before installation commences.

In collaboration with your organisation, ICG will draw up a detailed site survey including recommendations for the placing of dedicated computer or communications rooms or server racks.

If a potential problem is identified, ICG's engineers will suggest methods by which the problem can be resolved.

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