Voice and data services

Local and wide area network solutions for instant communication.

ICG's voice and data services

ICG is expert at network connectivity including the transmission of voice and data services across local or wide area networks, wireless communications and the internet.

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Wireless communication

Is your organisation faced with the challenge of communicating data effectively, securely and rapidly between sites, personnel in the field and within the organisation?

Wireless communication offers your organisation a real opportunity to grow and communicate effectively.

A wireless network can offer your organisation a flexible approach to shared information without installing or moving wired lines.

A wireless network can be installed within one building making �hot-desking� a reality or on a multiple site communicating from building to building.

Wireless communication is perfect for mobile users who need to access and communicate data �out in the field�.

Wireless communication complements and works in harmony with existing wired LAN systems.

Wireless communication is ideal for temporary installations, including construction sites, exhibitions and auditors or where a portable office is involved.

Wireless communication is cost competitive against leased lines.

Wireless communications are perfect where fixed leased lines between sites or between buildings are inappropriate, expensive or difficult to install.

Wireless communications are suitable for use internally, for hot-desking, listed buildings or where laying cable is not an option (for example marbled reception areas).

Wireless communications systems are owned by the users and not leased like traditional communications lines.

Wireless communications are easily installed.

Voice over IP communication

Voice Over IP (VOIP) enables individuals or organisations to transmit voice signals over Internet Protocol (IP) in real time.

The voice signals are digitised and transmitted over the digital data network in the same way as normal data.

The system is reasonably transparent to the users, who use their normal telephones, allowing true real-time voice communication to be achieved across the internet.

There are enormous benefits in using this technology. VOIP means that you can communicate by voice anywhere in the world for the cost of your normal internet connection, which may be a local rate call or even free.

For large organisations, VOIP can also be used across your dedicated proprietary network, or across a network of leased facilities.

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