Internet connectivity

Opening your organisation's links to the world.

Linking to the internet

In today�s �e-business� climate, the internet is an essential tool for developing businesses.

The internet provides you with access to an ever-growing information source and allows you to connect to valuable supplier, customer and competitor information centres.

As an internet service provider (ISP) and web host, ICG can equip you with all the hardware and software necessary to connect to the internet and serve your website to the world.

ICG will help you integrate internet technologies into your business, allowing you to gain the competitive edge internet-centred companies will have as the technology is integrated more and more closely into the business world.

Get connected

ICG offers fully-customised internet services as we recognise that every company has unique needs.

Whether it is single user or network-wide internet access you require, ICG will get your organisation on-line and provide training on the most productive ways of using this enormous new resource.

These services cover everything from choosing a modem to recommending the services most effective to suit your requirements. These may include data lines such as broadband.

ICG will also provide assistance with training for personnel who will be browsing the net as part of their job function.

Qualified advisors will install, set-up and test all the necessary hardware and software directly on-site which will reduce disruption and down time on vital equipment.

ICG's broadband services

ICG offers customers full broadband installation services as well as being able to supply complex virtual private networks for secure communication across your company via the internet.

Because you are only dealing with one supplier, you will enjoy an unbroken chain of accountability and an efficient broadband service installed, configured and working to your best advantage — with absolutely no implication to the price you pay.

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